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Hermetic Surface Mount Photovoltaic OptocouplerProduct

The OLS 910 consists of a pair of light emitting diode optically coupled to a dielectrically isolated photovoltaic diode array packaged in a small hermetic leadless chip carrier. When the LED is energized, the infrared emission is detected by the photovoltaic array and a DC output voltage is generated. This electrically isolated voltage can be used to drive the gates of MOS devices.

Device mounting is achieved with reflow soldering or conductive epoxies.

  • Performance guaranteed over –55 °C to +125 °C ambient temperature range
  • 1500 Vdc electrical isolation
  • High short - circuit current
  • Small hermetic surface mount package
  • High reliability and rugged construction
  • Isolated voltage source
  • 100% hi-rel screenings are offerede
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